My name is Terrina Bibb, I have tourettes*

* Ayy, b*llocks .

Seriously though, I do have Tourette’s... But it’s allowed me to develop a unique style which allows for “mistakes” when I tic. Which is just as well because I spent 5 years at college and uni studying art .

I started drawing at around 6 years old copying pictures out off books but never really saw it as a profession until I was in sixth form aged 18 and thought “this is the only thing I like to do”.

Developing Tourettes at the age of 21 after having a mini stroke has been hard to come to terms with. Now at the age of 25, I struggle to do everyday things.

When I am drawing, painting or crafting, my tics near enough go away and it’s a great release!

I appeared on BBC3's 'MisFITS Like Us' in April 2018 because they were going to put me in touch with 4 other people who have Tourettes. This was an amazing opportunity for me to see how other people deal with the condition.

I felt so isolated so I needed to meet other people that suffer as I couldn’t even leave the house on my own.

“MISFITs Like Us” and my four fellow ticcers helped me a lot and although everyday still seems a struggle I can now go out on my own!

The positive support from viewers has been incredible and has helped myself and many others to be more comfortable with their Tourettes! It’s also led me to starting this website, as there was a lot of interest!

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